The origins. 

The origin of our hotel goes back to the 16th century. In history books dated 1627 we read, that 'The barons of Wolkenstein and Rodenegg own the Stöberergut (original name of the farm).' As a 'Tavern' it is dated from 1834, at which time there are only two taverns in the village: Hirschenwirt and Stöberer. The next century will then be marked by a series of changes in ownership. In 1970 Emil Amort, father of Hubert, acquired the Stöbererhof and added a new building five years later. 

Now the hotel shines in new splendor with the restaurant that was renovated three years ago and the rustic fireplace room. Traditions meets modernity and the furnishings made of natural wood invite you to spend relaxing hours. Let yourself be surprised!